We are looking for accomplished and motivated postdoctoral fellows to investigate exciting questions in the following research areas.

Please contact Colenso Speer directly at cspeer "at" umd "dot" edu for further information. 


Visual System plasticity


We study the mechanisms by which neural circuits reorganize during development to establish specific patterns of synaptic connectivity in parallel visual processing channels. We are:

  • genetically profiling cell types in the developing visual system

  • recording and manipulating neural activity in specific visual pathways

  • reconstructing synaptic connectivity in visual system microcircuits using fluorescence super-resolution imaging and advanced molecular labeling techniques


Technique development  

We are looking for pioneers interested in developing new methods for investigating neural circuit development. We are working to:

  • increase the speed, size, and resolution of volumetric super-resolution image acquisition

  • expand molecular labeling bandwidth to enable comprehensive proteomic imaging in neural tissue

  • develop approaches for correlative structure/function analyses in developing microcircuits


Computational Biology

A critical challenge for neurobiologists is how to deal with complex data streams to extract meaningful biological findings. We are looking for talented engineers with interests in high-performance computing, machine learning, image analysis, and quantitative biology. Our goals are to:

  • leverage high-performance computing for automated data processing

  • develop new platforms for quantitative analysis of super-resolution imaging data

  • create new architectures for neural circuit connectomic data visualization and interaction

  • construct biophysical models based on empirical data to evaluate structure/function relationships in neural circuits